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Reengineering Your Business in 2024

Key Strategies for Sales, Trust, Digital Growth, Sustainability, and Wellness

Transform Your Business in 90 Minutes

Join us for a power-packed webinar designed specifically for forward-thinking business owners. Gain actionable insights from expert coaches to revolutionize your operations, team dynamics, sales approaches, and personal well-being.

What You’ll Learn:

    • Setting Up Your Sales Success with the CASH Method

      • Learn essential sales techniques that focus on understanding and addressing client needs.

      • Discover why knowing your product is crucial and how to communicate this effectively.

      • Understand the “CASH” Method for achieving better sales results in the short and long term.


    • The Chemistry of a Trusting Team

      • Explore the parallels between trust dynamics and chemical principles.

      • Learn practical strategies to foster transparency, communication, and mutual respect within your team.

      • Overcome common barriers to building trust in your organization.


    • Social Selling for B2B Businesses

      • Discover why LinkedIn is the top B2B platform with 3X higher conversion rates.

      • Understand prospecting psychology and the Buyer’s Triangle.

      • Balance inbound and outbound lead generation to connect with key decision makers.

      • Learn social selling basics for effective engagement


    • 5-Step Productivity System: Transforming Chaos into Calm

      • Create a digital system to manage all your tasks and ideas effortlessly.

      • Enhance focus by offloading thoughts into a reliable system.

      • Refine and simplify your productivity process.

      • Develop sustainable habits for lasting organization and calm.


    • Daily Energy Hacks for Business Owners

      • Boost your energy quickly with simple Pranic Healing techniques.

      • Manage and reduce stress effectively.

      • Maintain a positive mindset in a high-pressure environment.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Senior Executives across industries including
    • Healthcare
    • Software, Education,
    • Manufacturing
    • IT
    • Energy
    • SaaS
    • Finance
    • Consulting
    • Marketing
    • Services

Our Esteemed Speakers

JOSEPH "Jojo" Pingol

Sales Coach

More than 30 years of experience in Sales, Leadership and People Development. His passion is to share his knowledge and experiences to people with the hope that they will be in a better position to grab the opportunities that will come their way in their life and career.

He started his career as a Medical Sales Representative and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder leading him to occupy Director levels in the companies he was connected with. His expertise was honed with his exposure in Multi-National Companies like Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Established Products Division and Abbott Nutrition International.

Joseph is a believer of the phrase “Firm but Fair”, while he values the development of people and having good relationships with colleagues, achieving the results is equally important and he will not hesitate to call out under performance. Today, having formed his own corporation with a partner, their workshops are built around this foundation with the core beliefs that “People Can Be Better” and “People Can be Valued.”

Toffer Lorenzana

Productivity guide

A productivity guide passionate about making the most of our most precious resource – Time. He shares his insights on productivity, time management and personal development daily on social media and through his weekly newsletter.

Toffer comes from the perspective of an arts major who worked most of his professional career in tech — he paints mathematically, he codes creatively. This unique dialectic between his creative and analytical experiences has captivated him, and he’s eager to explore how it can help others optimize their personal productivity.

He believes productivity is defined by how we use our time; that productivity is a personal journey, and the simplest changes can often make the biggest impact. Ultimately, his desire is to inspire others to trust themselves again, as self-esteem is the reputation we have with ourselves.

Toffer creates for today’s professionals to rediscover the power of self-trust and rely on their own abilities to make the most of their time. By embracing the tension between his artistic and technical mindsets, he’s discovered innovative approaches to problem-solving and personal growth that he’s excited to share with his audience. Through his content and guidance, Toffer aims to empower his audience to harness the dialectic within themselves. By guiding them to reconcile their own diverse experiences and perspectives, he hopes to help them unlock new levels of productivity, self-trust, and personal fulfillment.

Czarina Mallari


Czarina Mallari is a seasoned specialist in Pranic Healing with over a decade of experience in energy work and holistic well-being. She treats a diverse range of clients, including individuals, families, pets, and groups or teams, and teaches self-healing techniques.

Her diverse background spans the hospitality and security industries, professional networking, aromatherapy, psychology, and psychological first aid. She actively promotes Pranic Healing through radio, TV, and podcasts, conducts energy management workshops for businesses, and delivers impactful public talks. Her meditation sessions help people unlock their healing potential.

Czarina is also a seasoned leader and mentor, with extensive experience in leading teams and fostering professional growth. Two of her key offerings are the “Daily Energy Hacks for Business Owners” webinar and the “High-Performance Leadership: Mastering Energy Management” module, which provide practical strategies for energy awareness, productivity, and inner balance.

Serving as the Regional Training Director for BNI Taguig Region and a member of the BNI All-Stars Chapter, her commitment to holistic wellness and leadership is evident in all she does.

Connect with the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) and Founder of Soulistic Clinic to explore the benefits of Pranic Healing and enhance your well-being.



Ian Dionaldo is a seasoned Growth Strategy expert and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. As the Co-Founder and CMO of Xceed Growth, a leading Growth Marketing and Training Agency, Ian brings over 11 years of experience driving digital marketing success across B2B, B2C, tech, SaaS, and ecommerce industries.

Renowned for his insights, Ian is a 21-time Top LinkedIn Voice in fields including Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Marketing, Growth Strategies, Marketing Automation, Marketing Management, and more. His expertise is further underscored by his certifications as a Digital Marketing Strategist, Search Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Conversion Rate Optimization Expert, Customer Acquisition Specialist, and Prompt Engineer.

Ian is also a Certified ASEAN Trainer for E-Business and has been recognized as a top trainer and resource person by the Digital Jobs Technical Training Program of the Department of Information & Communications Technology. 

He has successfully managed teams of up to 30 members and overseen budgets ranging from $100K to $20M. Notably, Ian spearheaded a campaign for an ecommerce client, achieving a remarkable 592% increase in revenue within just three months.

With a proven track record of driving growth and innovation, Ian Dionaldo is the expert you need to achieve predictable, profitable, and sustainable growth for your business.

Carlo Martin

business coach

Carlo Martin, is a seasoned business coach, empowering leaders to sustain growth through personalized coaching and training. 

With a track record of providing learning programs to diverse industries such as education, consulting, medical services, real estate, BPOs and more, Carlo has honed his expertise by training and coaching over 13,000 individuals. 

Armed with an MBA from Ateneo Graduate School of Business, along with degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Mapua University, Carlo is a licensed NLP practitioner by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming USA. His Ikigai: “Learn, Grow, and Transform Lives,” embodies his vision of a world where applied knowledge brings fulfillment to all.

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